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Owain or not?

Jan. 21st, 2009 | 12:25 pm

I share my given name, 'Owen Richards' with another photographer of similar age. He happens to work for similar magazines to me. For example, I shoot for Terrorizer and he shoots for Rock Sound. So we move in the same circles, as it were. The thing is, he's been a photographer longer than me and not only that, he was born before me. I thought it was only fair that I changed my name to avoid confusion.

I chose Owain Richards as my name because it was similar enough so it didn't feel weird. Also the fact that Owain is a more Welsh version of the name, it'd help me in the Welsh language media or just give an impression that I was the Welsh one whereas he was the English one.

Last night I learnt that the guys at Terrorizer assumed he and I were the same person! I was assured that it wasn't the reason why they got me on board in the first place, but it's weird all the same. They thought I just changed my name slightly in different magazines to set my photographic styles apart!

This has resulted in me thinking about a name change. When I was in hospital I was seen to by a male nurse I hadn't seen on the ward before that point. Because he was a new face, I clocked his name badge and noticed his name was Garfield. I mentioned that my middle name was Garfield and he told me how it was his middle name too but his first name was something like Huw and it was very common so he decided to change it. My middle name comes from my grandfather's christian name.. not the fucking cat!

So... I'm seriously thinking about going by the name Garfield from now on and want opinions. I don't have many people following me on this thing so you're all obliged to express an opinion.


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My (late) New Year Resolution List

Jan. 18th, 2009 | 10:03 pm

Normally, I think these sorts of lists are stupid because people never follow them and if they were serious then why would they wait for a new year to do any of it? I guess I've had a few major changes in my life recently and had a little time to reflect, so it's a good time to continue as I mean to go on.


I haven't been swimming in years and years. So I'm worried that I'll forget what to do and have to be rescued by a lifeguard. I just want to swim lengths/widths a couple of times a week to feel generally fitter. I've always found that exercise cheers me up. So I've ordered some new swimming shorts and goggles (my eyes WILL NOT open under water without them) and will check out the new olympic pool in Cardiff Bay this week hopefully.


It might be a bit much to start running and swimming regularly but they're both things that can be done alone and they're things that I can do without member fees or grading exams or politics of any kind. Just me and water or just me and the road. I need to get some shoes that won't tear my ankles to shreds and just start off mildly and build it up. I'd like to be able to run 10k by September for the kidney research run in Cardiff but it may be a tall order.


I used to go to my kung fu class aaaaaall the time. It was my life. I went to Hong Kong to train with world-class practitioners. When I got ill, I dropped off a bit and as things progressed my absence grew. Now I should really try and get back into the groove.


Get one! I can't go on with no money. Photography isn't working out for me. People say they like my photos but I'm not great at it and I'm even worse at business. I'm thinking of doing another degree course but in fashion and advertising photography. I might consider doing some volunteer work just to get some sense of self respect going.


I want to do an advanced driving course and test. I don't know where to start looking for tuition though...

Maybe in a few months/years I'll read this again and laugh/cry/both

Oh yeah... Ross Kemp can't do voice-overs to save his life, GIVE UP ROSS! GIVE UP!

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Twitter & LiveJournal & Twitterfeed

Jan. 18th, 2009 | 05:17 pm

I've linked all these bad boys up, so even more useless information about myself will be transmitted worldwide. Hooray!

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Dec. 22nd, 2008 | 10:41 pm
music: Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right | Powered by Last.fm

 Just a quick post to state my joy at receving payment from Golwg for the images they used in their magazine. This is not just a personal victory but a victory on behalf of all trodden on photographers out there! I hope that this particular publication will take copyright infringement more seriously now that this has happened.

woop woop woop woop woop

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I have a live journal?! Oh yes, so I do...

Dec. 10th, 2008 | 01:38 pm
music: Deftones - Dai the Flu | Powered by Last.fm

 I have a banging headache and I'm tired. Perhaps I'm getting a cold (note: most people seem to default to havving 'the flu' when they're tired and have a sniffly nose. I do not. If you have the flu, you can't sit at your computer long enough to update your fucking facebook status with "x is suffering from the flu". So stick that up your arse and smoke it!)

I've got stuff I want to write about but now isn't the right time I guess. I'll wait until I've gone through editing loads of photographs.......

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New LJ layout?

Nov. 27th, 2008 | 06:22 pm
music: Dark Tranquillity - The New Build | Powered by Last.fm

Does anyone know where I can find a nice, new and simple LJ layout? I basically just want one column running down the centre of the page with nothing fancy going on. Why are the defaults always so ugly?! I can't be arsed to restyle it myself but if it comes to it, I'll do it :(

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More theft!

Nov. 27th, 2008 | 01:00 pm
music: Evergrey - Trust And Betrayal | Powered by Last.fm

I photographed Cardiff's Sŵn festival alongside other photographers, such as Mei Lewis, Nadine Ballantyne and Tom Strickland for absolutely no money. Most of the bands I didn't really want to see so the AAA wristband allowing me to wander from venue to venue wasn't really incentive enough but I did it anyway. One of the bands I actually did enjoy was Rolo Tomassi. They're a crazy fusion of styles that's been summed up as 'spazzcore'.

The Cardiff Uni paper ' Gair Rhydd' emailed me asking for photos of Rolo Tomassi. I sent them some photos with the following message:

"I think these are the ones you wanted. Let me know if you need anything else.
I'm letting you use these only if you credit my name, "Owain Richards", or "www.owainrichards.com" (or both) alongside the picture or somewhere equally appropriate. I haven't made a penny from Sŵn so need to milk it for all I can I'm afraid."
So maybe I wasn't very forceful with my language but the line "I'm letting you use these only if you credit my name, "Owain Richards", or "www.owainrichards.com" (or both) alongside the picture or somewhere equally appropriate." is fairly unambiguous don't you think?

Well here's the article in the paper:


The image on the left is Rolo Tomassi and my name appears nowhere on that page, nowhere near the article and nowhere in the paper at all! What's more, the image on the right is of Truckers of Husk and is ALSO MINE and was taken LAST YEAR!! I think some of the band members have even left by now! As a photographer with Sŵn I did supply them with images but have been told that each time an image is sent to press they are to insist we get credit.

It's a student rag and is free and all that so I'm not going to kick up a fuss, I just won't send them anything without being paid next time. If it's run by students trying to learn about journalism then they should learn that you can't just take images when you want them and not pay any regard to who took them. I put a lot of effort into covering that weekend of music and haven't had any sort of reward out of it at all. It makes me wonder why I bother.


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Nov. 25th, 2008 | 11:45 pm
music: Judas Priest - Breaking the Law | Powered by Last.fm

Welsh language magazine 'Golwg' have decided to ignore UK copyright law and steal an image of mine.

Here's the image I provided Vice Rock Club in Swansea to use on their myspace page alone.

Not only is my website address on it but it says COPYRIGHT OWAIN RICHARDS!!!! It's fairly clear don't you think? Well they used the image a total of three times in the mag itself. Once on the cover, again in the table of contents and finally taking up 1/4 of a page in the article:




As you can see, they've cropped the image to exclude my name/logo/website address/copyright info. This is a crime! Literally. I gave absolutely no permission whatsoever.

I'm angry and it's not like it's my best picture ever. It has a fucking huge light streak coming from her bloody head! And perhaps I'd have let them use it if they would credit me as the photographer but they didn't print my name anywhere!

What I've done is invoiced them for the image as if everything was lovely. If they pay then I won't bring it up again. If they don't then I'll just have to get medieval on their ass!

EDIT*** - I thought I'd point out that I'm really happy that Dolly got a 2 page article in this magazine! She was really pleased with it. I have no problem with Dolly being happy with her image being there but it's down to Golwg to contact photographers and get permission. Especially in cases where copyright information is clearly visible!

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Revamp or Gorgoroth?

Nov. 25th, 2008 | 12:23 am
mood: anxiousanxious
music: Gorgoroth - Carving a Giant | Powered by Last.fm

I've got myself in a bit of a situation...

I had agreed with Mei (fellow photographer friend) that I'd assist him shoot 'revamp' this Thursday. Revamp is an event put on in Cardiff where people come and drop of clothes and swap them for articles of clothing created out of other people's cast offs. It's a great idea and has picked up loads of steam. I owe Mei a lot because he's helped me out so much recently but there's a slight problem...

Rhian has bought tickets for Gorgoroth:

^watch the video. It has nudey people in it... sort of.

A while ago I thought about shooting this gig but as time wore on I decided that I'd sit it out. I hadn't really decided if I was going to go or not I suppose. But then I agreed with Rhian that she should go ahead and get the tickets. I really do want to see a proper black metal band live as it's something I've not done yet. We all know that Dimmu Borgir isn't really tr00 kvlt black metal and all that. It's going to be really nice to go to a gig without my camera and be able to just appreciate the simple pleasures of watching satanists rock out.

So the events coincide and therein lies my situation. It is of course, all my fault. I've been so busy recently that I've got a list of people to email and list of things that I need to get done and it's just growing and growing and my bank balance is getting further and further into my overdraft. I need a job. (I'll save that for another post)

There are reasons to go and reasons not to go to revamp. The reasons to go boil down to assisting Mei but also some models I know will be there, including Charis. The reasons not to go include the fact that neither me or Mei are getting money for it and the fact that I'd spoken to the girl organising it once and she sounded positive about me doing it and then I found out later that she'd gone on to ask Mei to do it, probably not realising that we usually come as a team. Bumping into her again at a later date made me realise that she'd actually forgotten who I was and barely gave me the time of day. I don't mind helping people out once in a while but don't want my willingness to help to be ignored. I don't really care about all that though. Helping Mei and getting some more expierence is more than enough for me to put that behind me.

I'm hoping I can go early and help Mei set up and then return at the end to help him pack it all up. It's lousy of me but it's the best I can do..


(my first time abroad in years due to being on dialysis and only having received my transplant in July)

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Nov. 24th, 2008 | 01:11 am
music: Tor Marrock - De-Nude Our Poisoned Minds | Powered by Last.fm

Seeing as this blog is brand new, I thought I'd step back a week or two in time as I've recently found a video on youtube taken from S4C's show Bandit. For those that don't know, S4C is a Welsh language channel here in Wales.

On the day itself, a man who looks after Oystermouth Castle in the Mumbles in Swansea came to give us the keys to the place for the day so that we could shoot freely inside. He was a very nice gentleman indeed! He showed us around the castle giving us some of the history before all the bands turned up.

First off, I shot Siluria. Siluria are a celtic themed folk/metal band from South Wales:


Next up were Machynlleth goth metal band, Tor Marrock:


Even though most of you reading this probably don't speak Welsh you may have detected a slightly sarcastic tone in the piece in the video. Here in Wales there's a self-contained music scene which usually consists of fairly bland and inoffensive indie style stuff. Often the tone of the music is quite light. The fact that these bands are so different and yet deciding to sing in Welsh was not seen as a bonus to the Welsh-language music scene but more of something to point a finger and laugh at. It disappointed me a fair bit to be quite honest. There's a whole world of brilliant metal out there but people will continue to treat it as some sort of joke.

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